Moncler’s oversized puffer handbag – at least it’ll stay warm

Puffer_bagThe word “puffer” is guaranteed to strike fear into the Fashion Police’s hearts. When attached to the word “jacket”, it’s bad enough: sure, we know puffer jackets are warm and practical for very cold weather, but they’re also one of the most unflattering items of clothing ever, and there was a time during the 90s when they were worn purely as fashion statements – we’re sure you can understand our concern here.

Puffer jackets get off the hook, though, purely because, in some climates, they really are one of the only options if you don’t want to freeze to death on the way to work.

On bags, though, there’s just no excuse. We can’t think of a single reason why you’d need your bag, or its contents, to be kept toasty at all times (although maybe you carry very different things inside your handbags than we do), which is why we had no hesitation in identifying this puffer bag by Moncler as a crime of fashion. And it has to be said that the $950 price tag didn’t help it plead its case.

What do you think of this bag? Do you like it? Would you pay $950 for it? If so, you can get it at Intermix.

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