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PSA: Socks and swimwear should never mix

RAFW S/S 2010/11 - Kate Sylvester Catwalk

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by The Fashion Police.

As summer approaches, we’d just like to take this opportunity to remind you that socks and swimwear DO NOT MIX. We understand that you may find it tempting to wear socks and shoes with your swimwear. Actually, no, scratch that: we DON’T understand why you’d want to do that, unless you actually are a British pensioner, and in the habit of wearing a knotted handkerchief on top of your head along with your socks/slip-ons/swimwear combo. That would explain the sock suspenders, too.

In conclusion, though: socks and slip-ons are the perfect way to ruin a totally cute bathing suit. We’d like to thank Kate Sylvester’s runway model for her assistance with this demonstration.

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