The moron here is the one wearing a gun belt! …

Comment on Proof that fashion can be dangerous: gun-shaped belt-buckle almost gets teenager shot by REAL police by BIRDY FIGGIS.

The moron here is the one wearing a gun belt! Common sense, people. If it’s shoot or be shot–and how did the cop know it was a belt? would you?–I’m on the side of the cop. And before anyone makes assumptions, I’m a far-left liberal, middle-aged, who is also a realist. The parents of that kid, and the kid himself, are at fault here. And, folks, next time someone mugs you, breaks into your house, follows you home, guaranteed you’ll be calling the “morons” for help. PS-the cop and the mother-in-law story a few posts up–WRONG! The woman was IN the hospital, not racing there in the car, and the guy ran a red light. Granted, the cop should have escorted him to the hospital, quickly and safely. But wouldn’t you want a red light runner pulled over? As for blanket statement regarding any group of people–being a member of a minority, I have been subjected to a lot of people who think all of “us” are the same. It’s childish.

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