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Fashion Police arrest teen for prom dress related crimes: a warning to us all…

Prom_dress_arrest So, you thought your ugly prom dress couldn’t actually get you arrested? Think again folks…

Marche Taylor, on the left of the picture, also thought her skimpy prom dress couldn’t get her into trouble – until she was refused admission to her prom because of it.

"It was revealing in such a way that it would not be appropriate for a prom," said the principle of Marche’s high school, in Houston, Texas. Marche, however, disagreed, and the ensuing fracas resulted in the police being called and the teen fashion criminal being led away in cuffs. Which just goes to show you: it’s not just The Fashion Police you have to worry about when it comes to dressing for prom.

"I actually like the dress. Everybody else likes my dress," insisted Marche, yesterday. Well, everyone: do you?

(Thanks to Michelle and Julie for the report!)

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