Fashion News: Primark to launch online fashion store next year

Way back the mists of time, also known as 2007, The Fashion Police launched a list of five UK-based fashion retailers we’d like to see selling their wares online.

Slowly, but surely, they all succumbed: first came George, then New Look. Last year H&M and Zara followed suit, and then their was only one store standing, the sole survivor of the online revolution. That store was Primark, and we’re happy to announce that soon Primark, too, will fall to the lure of ecommerce: they brand has just started requesting tenders for an agency to create an ecommerce website, which will apparently launch in 2012.

No details yet about how this will work, where it will ship to, or how much of the range will be available. We’re actually a little surprised that Primark are doing this: they’re famous for fast-fashion and super-low prices, so it always seemed unlikely to us that there would be much of a profit margin in online shopping for them, but we guess it’s good news for those of us who either don’t live near a store, or just can’t face the crowds and jumble-sale atmosphere that so often seems to prevail inside.

Does this signal the end of the era in which it was possible to find “must have” Primark dresses selling on eBay at greatly inflated prices? Well, not if Zara’s anything to go by, but we guess we’ll soon find out!


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  • August 23, 2011


    This is great! We only have 1 Primark in Belgium and it’s at the other side of the country so I’m really happy with this news 🙂 Although my wallet isn’t…

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