Primark online shopping now available at ASOS

Primark online shopping

Whether you love Primark for the easy access it provides to cheap, fast fashion, or hate it for the very same reasons (The chain’s connection to the Bangladesh factory which collapsed earlier this year has led many shoppers to boycott the brand), as it’s the last of the major high street chains to develop an online presence, we thought it was worth noting the fact that you can now buy a selection of Primark clothing at

Primark fans have long bemoaned the lack of an online store to shop from. Until this week, if you wanted to browse the ¬†brand’s wears, your only option was to travel to the nearest store (Difficult if you don’t live in/near the major cities they tend to be based in, impossible if you live outside the UK) and then brave the crowds you’d find there: if you’ve ever visited Primark, you won’t need us to tell you what a feeding-frenzy it can be, with piles of clothing littering the floors and people fighting to the death over the last item in their size.

This week, however, Primark made a limited selection of items available at, on what it says will be a “trial basis”. Around twenty pieces are currently available, and there’s no indication of how many more will be added, or how long the trial will last, so this could well be your first AND last chance to experience Primark online shopping, as the brand has indicated that it has no plans to launch a website of its own.

If you want to shop the available styles, including dresses, trousers and shirts you’ll find the fill selection¬†here. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve also included a small sample of the clothing on offer in the gallery below.

GALLERY: Primark online shopping at ASOS


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