Primark Autumn Winter 2013 Preview

Primark Autumn.Winter 2013

Primark Autumn Winter 2013

OK: it’s August. We’re still enjoying the summer, but as reluctant as we are to even think about it, Autumn will soon be drawing in, which means it’s time for us to start taking a look at the Autumn/Winter collections and passing judgement upon them.

As always, we’re kicking off with a look at the new season looks from Primark, who are already selling some of these items (although not all of them) in stores. This is, needless to say, a very small selection of what the brand will have to offer (Primark is to fast fashion what McDonald’s is to fast food, after all, and their selections are changing constantly), but it gives you a small taster of what you can expect, which seems to be lots of dark clothing (Surprise, surprise!), lots of plaid (Even more of a surprise!), and a small, but very welcome, smattering of lighter, brighter pieces, such as the pale pink outerwear.

Perhaps it’s because the summer has been a particularly nice one (Now, that actually IS a surprise!), or perhaps it’s just the way this collection has been shot, but this collection seems very dark and dreary to us, and not exactly the kind of thing that’s guaranteed to have us running to our nearest store to buy some of it.

That said, when the winter gets under way, we may find ourselves changing our minds on that one. For now, though, we’ll turn the evidence over to you, in the form of the gallery below. Your task is to take a look at the evidence and deliver your verdict: what do you think of the Primark Autumn Winter 2013 collection? Does it leave you feeling inspired for the upcoming season?

Gallery: Primark Autumn Winter 2013 Collection


  • August 8, 2013

    Liz in Paris

    Doesn’t do much for me to be honest; looks a bir dreary as you rightly note. Here in France (and also in Germany) there seems to be a lot of burgundy/bordeaux colours around for winter. That’s much more up my street.

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  • August 9, 2013


    The dress in the 3rd picture is right up my street, as is the leather look skirt, but the rest of it I’m not so enamoured with. Unfortunately Autumn/Winter in the UK is dreary and although I like to include colour in my wardrobe, I feel a bit odd in bright colours in the winter!

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