Preen’s ‘Wedge’ skirt: hips are big this year – literally.

Preen_skirt This isn’t the first big-hipped skirt we’ve had to apprehend recently, so we can come to only one conclusion, and it’s a scary one: hips are clearly "in fashion" this year. Eeek!

Fashionable or not, we don’t think we’ll be paying £270 for Preen’s ‘Wedge’ skirt anytime soon, and we reckon the reasons for this should be fairly obvious. Like, "sticking out like a couple of massive saddlebags" obvious.

Seriously, though, what’s hidden under there? Is it a new way to carry your belongings? Actual saddlebags? Or just a skirt that’ll give new meaning to the phrase "childbearing hips"? We’re not sure, but if you think it’s the best thing since the farthingale, you can buy it here.

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