Prada’s two-part lace-up boots: clever, or just plain odd?


Buying boots can be tough. Do you buy ankle boots or knee boots, for instance? You know as soon as you choose one, you’ll desperately need the other, so what’s a girl to do?

Well, Prada have a suggestion here: buy both, in the shape of these lace-up, two-part boots. They start off as ankle boots, but you should you suddenly decide you need knee boots instead, you just whip out the "extra" bit, lace it on, and you’ll look just like… Well, you see, this is the difficult bit. The bit where that clever plan falls down a little. Because we were going to say "you’ll look just like you’re wearing a pair of knee boots", but that’s not completely true, is it? Actually, you’ll just look like you’re wearing ankle boots, with an "extra" bit strapped onto your calves. Or like someone cut your knee boots in half by mistake. Hmmm.

Now, The Fashion Police wouldn’t wear these particular boots even if they didn’t have the "cut in half" feature, so we’re ill-qualified to judge on whether this is a good idea or a bad one. What do you think?

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