Style on Trial: Prada Pizzo S Satchel


We’ve spoken a lot about ruffles on dresses lately and, well, let’s just say that hasn’t been our favourite look of recent years. But what about ruffles on handbags, we ask ourselves? What do we think of them?

Well, if the ruffles in question are on Prada’s Pizzi S Satchel, we’re just not sure. We think it may be the lace that’s giving us pause, here. Now, lace is going to be a big look this winter. This news didn’t go down at all well here at Fashion Police HQ, because we don’t have a whole lotta love for lace. It always looks scratchy and uncomfortable to us, but hey, this is an accessory, not a dress, so that’s not really an issue. And yet still we go back and forth between love and hate with this bag, leading us to finally throw our hands up in despair and put it up On Trial, asking you, the jury: what do you think of it?

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