Poor Little Rich Girls: Marques’Almeida hand-frayed dresses

hand frayed dresses

These dresses have a combined value of $1,595. And yet…we don’t really need to state the obvious here, do we?

According to Opening Ceremony, who are selling these, the “energy” behind the collection comes from “English council estate girls” and “90s Seattle”. We’ll let English council estate girls and residents of 90s Seattle decide whether or not they’re offended by that (all we can say is that we may not have lived in 90s Seattle, but we’ve certainly seen lots of girls from council estates, and none of them have been dressed like this. And if you even suggested that they buy a $600 dress that looked like it had been dragged out of a rubbish bin, they’d laugh from now until Christmas.), but as for the rest of you: what do you think about expensive, designer fashion masquerading as old rags?

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