The Return of the Poncho: good thing or bad thing?

Hooded_ponchoBack in the summer of 2005 (or was it 2005?), ponchos made a comeback. It was mostly Sienna Miller’s fault: she’d been spotted wearing one, and suddenly every woman and her dog had one, and market stalls across the UK were churning them out like there was no tomorrow. Remember? These were lightweight “summer” ponchos, which were generally crocheted, but as summer changed to fall, some heavy knit ones started to pop up too before they finally faded off the fashion radar again the next year.

The Fashion Police managed to completely resist the poncho trend, although we have to admit there were moments during the depths of winter when we started to see the appeal of them, and we also spotted some people wearing them and making the look work.

And now the poncho has made a return. Or one of them has, anyway. We’re not sure if this poncho from Dorothy Perkins is acting alone, or if it has simply been sent ahead by an entire army of ponchos to find out the lie of the land and pave the way for a veritable invasion of the things, but regardless, we want to know what you think of it.

Will you welcome our poncho friends back with open arms, should they try to return, or will you simply switch off the lights, hide behind the sofa and pretend you’re not at home when the ponchos come a-knocking?

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