POLL: What’s your favourite fashion season?


Autumn is the fashion blogger’s favourite season.

How do we know this? Because at around about this time every year (and sometimes even earlier), all of our favourite fashion bloggers start talking excitedly about coats! and boots! And coloured tights! And long winter evenings spent snuggled up in front of a roaring log fire, roasting chestnuts, singing songs, and generally behaving like the rich people in Charles Dickens novels.

Not us, though.

The Fashion Police hate the cold almost as much as we hate harem pants. More, even. And yeah, sure, coats are OK. Some coats are even awesome. No coat is worth shivering for eight months over, though, and as for boots? Well, boots are OK, too –¬†especially¬†these ones – but they’re not nearly as much fun as shoes, so we’d gladly exchange those for a few extra weeks of warm weather, too.

Give us summer any day: or even spring, we’re not that picky. We hate having the cold weather dictate our clothing choices. We hate the fact that most dresses have either short or three-quarter length sleeves, so we put them on in winter and then instantly have to cover them up with a cardigan, just to keep warm. We hate tights – ¬†coloured or otherwise – not because we don’t like the look of them, you understand, but because they’re just not comfortable. We hate the sheer fussiness of having to wear multiple layers of clothing, all at the same time, so we don’t freeze. Oh, and we don’t even own a log fire.

OK, that’s more than enough complaining from us. For now, anyway. Tell us, though: is there anyone else out there who ISN’T giddy with excitement at the thought of autumn/ winter fashion? What’s YOUR favourite fashion season?


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