Pointless Footwear: Peep toe thigh high boots

Emilio Pucci lace-up suede thigh-high bootsWe would love these boots by Emilio Pucci were it not for the peep toe.  And you see that opening in the lacing over the foot part?  Sadly it’s a real opening.  And that is why we are throwing them in Fashion Police jail: for being utterly pointless.  When can you wear thigh high boots with an open foot and peep toe and not have hot legs/cold feet/wet socks.

Someone must have been buying these though, as they are sold out in all but two sizes.  If you can think of a good time to wear these please tell us.  And if you have a spare £1,375 and want to buy one of the few remaining pairs, they are available at Net-A-Porter.

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