Crimes of Fashion

Pointless Clothing: Miss Sixty mesh insert wet look legging

Miss Sixty mesh insert wet look leggingsIt took us a while to spot the mesh inserts on these leggings, but then we did, and wished we hadn’t.  It’s right there on the inside of your calves, where it can’t be easily seen.  Wet look leggings in themselves are fairly high on our list of fashion crimes, but to put mesh inserts into them?  We have to ask the question: why?  Is it to stop all of that synthetic wet look fabric making your legs too hot?  If you wanted the wet look presumably you are aiming to cover up your legs.  Why then would you want sheer panels of fabric on them at the same time?  But if you wanted to wear sheer fabric, why have it somewhere you can barely see it?

If you have an answer to any of these questions, let us know below.  And if you want to buy these leggings, you can do so at ASOS, for £40.

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