They’re not that bad. Plus, they really don’t look like …

Comment on Pointless Clothing: Fold over flare pants by Nightcap Clothing by Pomeroy.

They’re not that bad. Plus, they really don’t look like pyjamas, so there’s no need to get snarky about people wearing bed-clothes outside. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of them as such if you hadn’t mentioned it. If you can’t immediately visually detect that an item of clothing is obviously meant to be slept in, then you shouldn’t care.

But I do agree that the skirt thing is a little odd. Like Lauren said, it’s like those skirt/trouser things that all the eleven year old were wearing back in 1998.

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Vomit! The studs take it too far. They’d be lovely, otherwise, but alas, they’re ruined forever.

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Just hideous! The fur looks so cheap. I agree with couturecoco: they’re quite nice otherwise. And real fur? Really?!

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Tight-ish (but not skinny) blue jeans, a pair of fairly cheap trainers, and a long-sleeved green top under a short-sleeved shirt which is black with white stars.

I’m a post-grad student. I don’t give a rat’s ass what I look like.

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The first of those two isn’t that bad…

But I’m with everyone else. Just stick on a belt, problem solved, no need to get pissy.

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Super cute! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then.

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