“What you wear in the bedroom is up to you, …

Comment on Pointless Clothing: Fold over flare pants by Nightcap Clothing by Moni.

“What you wear in the bedroom is up to you, and if that involves street wear then so be it, but please, don’t wear your pyjama pants in the street. We will arrest you.”

… at least in case the people at Tesco don’t get you first! 😉

@ Grace: A lot of young Turkish women around here obviously think that THE big on-trend combination is track pants, socks and high heels! I have to put all my effort into not puking every single time…

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Holy Crap! Ashish, Fall 2011 Runway
I agree, a whole truckload of holey crap!

Oh, boy, this is SOOO new and innovative. Nobody in the last 35 years could ever have imagined wearing an outfit like this – not. 😛 Wait a second! Is that model a MAN??!

I actually own a shirt like this one. As a Halloween costume!

I just LOVE the look on this model’s face! No more words required… 😀

Miley Cyrus at the 2011 Grammy Awards
The dress is unflattering, it makes her look older and broader than she is, and makes her shoulders look like a bodybuilder’s.

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