Pointless Clothing: Fold over flare pants by Nightcap Clothing

Nightcap Clothing fold over flare pantsThese “pants feature an unfinished edge at the miniskirt” say Shopbop.  And we would like to stop them right there.  Why do pyjama pants need a miniskirt, unfinished edge or not?  And why are they so low waisted?  These must be pyjama pants because the company that makes them is called Nightcap Clothing.  And they are in the loungewear section of Shopbop’s website.

OK, continue.

Each piece by Nightcap is “intended to be worn from the bedroom to the street”.  Er, what?  If it’s intended for the bedroom, then we most definitely don’t want to see it in the street, thank you.  What you wear in the bedroom is up to you, and if that involves street wear then so be it, but please, don’t wear your pyjama pants in the street.  We will arrest you.

If you have $275 to spend on a pair of pyjama pants (with added miniskirt), then you can buy these at Shopbop.

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