Please make it stop.

badly ripped jeans

This is a joke, right? Please, someone tell us this is a joke: we’re not sure we can handle the idea of a world in which people will willingly hand over £116 in order to wear jeans that look like they’re only just managing to hold themselves together. Seriously, if you really MUST make yourself look like this, at least rip up an old pair of jeans you no longer have any use for: it still won’t look good, but at least it won’t feel like taking your money and throwing it down the drain.

In comparison to the above, that whole ’70s-revival’ we’ve been talking about is actually starting to sound pretty good.

trousers or pyjamas?

Oh no, sorry, our mistake: it’s NOT starting to sound good. This girl, for instance, looks like she’s out in her pyjamas. If we saw her in the street, we’d wonder if we should perhaps stop her and ask if we could call someone to come pick her up. On the plus side, at least she won’t need to get changed when she gets home – she can just go straight to bed. (That’s not a ‘plus side’, just in case you were wondering: if your outdoor clothes could easily pass for pyjamas, they’re probably a crime of fashion…)

Also triggering our ‘probably a crime of fashion’ radar this week is this:

lovehearts outfit

Any day now, we’ll be getting a press release informing us that this is “the perfect Valentine’s Day look!”Because it has hearts on it, and people wear clothes with hearts on Valentine’s Day. ANY hearts, that is: it doesn’t matter if it looks good, or looks like something you’d only wear for a bet (and maybe not even then): if it has hearts, or is pink, it’s “perfect”. Any day now: just you wait and see…

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