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Please Make It Stop: Trashy, sheer dresses posing as “fashion”


OK, that’s it: we’re calling time on the “shress” – or “sheer dress” to those of you who don’t care so much for made-up words. It’s time for this madness to end.

The dress shown above is the one that pushed us over the edge. Look at it. At first we thought it was a “layering piece” – that the model shown was wearing it over her underwear, but the rest of us would probably just wear it over… well, actually, we can’t really imagine it adding much to anything, but if it was layered correctly, at least it wouldn’t be a crime of fashion.

Readers, this is not a layering piece. What we thought was “underwear” is, in fact, the dress itself. So you’re looking at it worn exactly as intended. Yes.

Tell us, though: if the model and pose didn’t make it reasonably obvious, where would you think we found this dress? American Apparel? One of those sites selling trashy looking clubwear? Maybe a site for “intimate” apparel?

Nah, we found it on Because the fashion world is now so deeply entrenched in the “a shress is a totally viable article of clothing and everyone should walk around essentially naked!” mentality that they’d like to convince us that this is NOT the kind of thing a low-class hooker would wear, and is, in fact, “high fashion”.

We beg to differ. The shress must die. It’s trashy, tacky, and no matter how young, firm-bodied and beautiful you are, dressing like this is going to get you mistaken for a member of the oldest profession. Oh, and it costs £80, so you’ll also be mistaken for the Emperor: you know, the one with the new clothes?

Enough. No more shresses, please, oh fashion world. Who’s with us on this?

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