Dress of the Day: plaid satin trimmed puff sleeved dress from Bebe

Plaid_satin_dress We surprised ourselves with this one. Plaid normally has us running for the hills, and the words “brown plaid” would get us running even faster, but having been sucked in by the sweetheart neckline and cute little puffed sleeves on this Bebe dress, we found ourselves overlooking the print and making it our Dress of the Day instead. Which just goes to show, you can never say “never”…

That’s not to say we wouldn’t like this dress better if it wasn’t brown and plaid, because we would. But actually, we think this colour and print works pretty well for Fall, and if following fashion is important to you, well, we all know that checks are the thing to be seen in. We’d say they’re “the new black”, but then we’d have to arrest ourselves, and we can’t have that, can we?

We don’t think this dress will be to everyone’s taste, but if it’s “checking” (sorry) the right boxes for you, it’s $129 from Bebe.

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