Emergency! Emergency! Fashion Crime in progress!

Yesterday afternoon, Officer Emily filed a report which forced us to instantly declare a Fashion Police State of Emergency. Here is the suspect in question:

pink silk dress

You’re possibly wondering what the problem is. Is it because it looks a bit like nightwear? Because, OK, that’s not good, but LOTS of dresses look like nightwear without meriting so much as a Fashion Police Caution. So what is it?

Perhaps THIS will make things clearer:

pink silk dress

To quote Rolf Harris: Can yer see what it is yet?

As Emily put it: this dress looks like something else.

If you can see what the “something else” is, great: at least we know it’s not just us and our filthy minds.

If you CAN’T see what the “something else” is, well, good for you. Your eyeballs are safe.

This is by Suzie Wong, is £125 at ASOS, and it’s well worth looking at the product page to view the video: people, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen this dress in action. There’s something in the way it moves

P.S. While we’re on this particular subject, let us just take the opportunity to show you THIS again:

Never fails to make us smile.

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