Style on Trial: Pink sheepskin outerwear from Topshop


We’ve already talked about the faux fur which has already started to appear in stores ahead of the winter season, but it’s starting to look like sheepskin is going to be another big look in outerwear. Topshop aren’t the only label stocking Mongolian-style gilets and jackets at the moment, but so far they are the only one to be stocking pink sheepskin (as far as we know), and we’re wondering what you all think of this?

The gilet shown above is currently available at for £85, while the jacket is £150, and for some reason when we look at them, we think of Paris Hilton, Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous, and Playboy bunnies. We think it’s the sheer pinkness of the things, although we’re not sure we’d like them any better if they were the colour of an actual sheep, come to think of it.

Would you, though? These pieces of pink outerwear stand accused of Crimes Against Fashion, jurors. Will you find them guilty or innocent?

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