Pinel & Pinel and the mysterious case of the $547 Havaianas flip flops

So, Havaianas. They’ve always been pretty pricey, given that they’re just rubber flip-flops, same as all the rest, haven’t they? And before you start with the “don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried ’em”, YES, we have tried them. They’re just flip-flops. Sure, they’re comfortable. So are all the other flip-flops we’ve tried. Sorry, Havaianas lovers…

While we’ve always thought Havaianas were overpriced, however, the “normal” Havs suddenly start to look really, really cheap when you compare them to these ones. Because these ones are $547. Yes, that’s FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. For rubber flip-flops. This makes us want to weep for humanity.

Here’s why they’re so expensive:

1. The thong is made of crocodile skin. As people have pointed out in the comments, Greenpeace will surely love that!

2. They’re DESIGNER. But of course! So that fashion victims can feel superior! In this case, these are a collaboration between Havaianas and Pinel&Pinel.

3. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these will go to Greenpeace.

Well, OK, charity is always good. Unless about $540 of the sale price is going to charity, though, we still call this Daylight Robbery. In fact, the only thing that could make it more blatant would be if people were to wear them with those $500 socks we showed you last month. What do you think?

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