Dress of the Day: Phoebe Couture one shoulder dress with bubble hem

Bubble_hem_dress We have to be honest: we’re still not really “down” with the whole “bubble hem” thing. In fact, we think almost every dress or skirt we’ve seen with a bubble hem could be improved by taking away the bubble hem, and that includes this one by Phoebe Couture.

With that said, however, this dress is more suited than most to this particular shape, and the emphasis is all on the pretty, flower-embellished shoulder strap and black waist belt, while the sweetheart neckline and bright red colour combine to give it a bit of a fairytale feel.

In other words, we think we can live with the hem, just this once.

If you can, too, you’ll find this dress for $310 at Bloomingdales.

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