Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Phillip Lim pants with attached sweater

jeans with sweater tied around the waistPhillip Lim jeans, $595

Just in case you hadn’t realised, the 90s grunge look is currently going through a bit of a revival, and with it comes that “look, I’ve casually tied a sweater around my waist!” look showcased in the image above.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with tying a sweater (Or, better yet, a lumberjack shirt…) around your waist. In fact, sometimes it’s the most convenient way to carry such an item at times when it all-of-a-sudden becomes too warm to wear it, but you want to keep your hands free for something else. It happens. We wouldn’t describe it as the cutting edge of style, exactly, but… it happens. And now it’s “trendy”, which means that fashion designers can no longer trust us to carry out the simple act of tying a sweater around our own waists, so they’ve helpfully stepped in and done it for us. They’ve also attached the sweater to the seat of our pants, just to make sure we don’t mess it up. By “they”, we mean Phillip Lim. And by “our pants”, we mean, “these $595 pants”.

Yes, such is the apparent complexity of the “sweater around the waist” look that some people are apparently willing to spend $600 to achieve a look that most of us would be able to create for free, simply by, well, tying a sweater around our waists. This sweater, however, is not like the ones you may have worn in just such a manner yourself at some point. No, this sweater is stitched onto the waistband of the jeans, in a manner that Shopbop describes as “clever” and we’d describe as “possibly the most useless thing ever”. You’ll never be able to wear that sweater, you see. And you’ll never be able to wear the jeans either, unless you always want the sweater to come with them. Such is the way of the Stuck-Together-Clothes.

The worrying thing is, this isn’t the first time this year we’ve been called out to this kind of crime. The Rihanna for River Island collection, for instance, also contained a number of items with sweaters or shirts attached to their hips: of course, the Rihanna for River Island collection didn’t sell for $600 per item. We’re grateful for small mercies.

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