Philip Lim makes it easier for women to dress as toddlers, and toddlers to dress as women


You all know by know how The Fashion Police feel about women who dress like toddlers. But what about toddlers who dress like women? Or mothers who dress like their kids? Philip Lim has just made the last option a real possibility with his Kid by Philip Lim line, which allows kids to dress in little mini versions of adult designs, as demonstrated above.

Of course, the issue of designer clothes for kids is always a bit of a controversial one in itself, raising important questions such as: Do kids really NEED designer clothes? Isn’t it a bit wasteful to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes they’ll just grow out of/ruin? And, most importantly, "OMG, is that trench coat available in adult sizes, by any chance?"

This one, however, also raises the question of whether The Fashion Police should be cracking down on women who buy a Philip Lim dress for themselves and then a matching one for their daughter. We’re not big fans of the "matchy-matchy" look at any time, you see, and so we’re keen to know what you think of it: creepy or cute?


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