Dress of the Day: cowl neck pencil dress from Warehouse

Pencil_dress Not the best picture of this dress, we suspect, but if you can bear with us and look beyond that strange bulge on the right hand side of the bodice, you’ll see the lovely, retro-style beauty that lurks underneath.

The starck black colour and 40s style tailoring may make this dress too severe for some tastes, but on the right person, we think this dress could be a showstopper. There’s something very Roland Mouret-esque to the shape, and it’s the kind of dress we can easily imagine some siren of the silver screen wearing, with high heeled pumps and seam-backed stockings.

These days, it could become the perfect little black dress for formal occassion, or you could even wear it to work – just throw a colourful cardi over the top if you think the high-necked black is too much.

It’s £60 at Warehouse.


  • September 10, 2008


    pretty, gotta admit. But is it just me or does this dress have boobs of its own?

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  • September 11, 2008


    i love it, kinda like the moon dress, but only a nod. I always forget warehouse when I’m e-shopping!

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  • September 13, 2008

    Jennifer Chernoff

    I could totally see Michelle Obama wearing this dress! I love the belt. 😀

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