These seem like they would be very fun in a …

Comment on Pencey Knot Leggings: for really hot knees by M.

These seem like they would be very fun in a bright color with tights of another color underneath. Now I want to make some!

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Would you buy… pre-wrinkled clothes?
Heavens, they look like blistered plastic bags.

From the Peeptoe Boot Files: Irregular Choice floral slouch clogs
I am alarmed. They are wonderful. Wonderfully insane, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe I could make these out of curtain and some wood.

Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Anna Kendrick
The most beautiful dress I’ve seen of that ceremony, no doubt.

Fashion Police for the Boys: Isabel Mastache’s Penis Pants
There’s something I love about this outfit. In an absolutely crazy way. Maybe it’s the heart on the jacket! And the fake arm! And everything! It’s amazing she would think all that up and put it in a SINGLE outfit.

Style on Trial: Cardigan-print t-shirt by Paul Smith
It’s AMAZING. I love cardigans like no tomorrow, and it’s off in such an interesting way. Except, yeah, it’s always too cold to wear it without another cardigan on top. Dammit.

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