Fashion Trends: Peg leg trousers


We touched on this subject earlier this month when we discussed Miss Selfridge’s carrot leg jeans, but we thought the topic was worth revisiting because there’s more than just a single pair of jeans involved here, folks. Those so-called “carrot legs” weren’t just a one off: the more popular current term for the style is the “peg leg”, and this “peg leg” is being touted by the fashion press as “the look of the season”.

So, what do we think of it?

Well, in reference to the jeans, we called it the “mom” jean. It’s basically a tapered, cropped leg, topped off by a generally pleated front, with some volume around the hips. It’s the “volume around the hips” bit that worries us. We, you see, don’t really need any extra volume around the hips, and while we haven’t actually tried any peg legs on for size, so to speak, we can’t help but feel that if we did, we probably wouldn’t really want to look in the mirror too long afterwards.

Still, this look is one we’re probably going to be seeing more of, so next time we’re out shopping we may just have to grab a pair of “pegs” and try them on, just to see if our suspicions are correct, you understand.

What about you, though? Is this a look you’re willing to try, or is yet another style that would have been better off left back in the 80s?

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