Peep-toe-boots pretending to be gladiator sandals from River Island


This is a triple-whammy fashion crime, readers: not only is this a boot pretending to be a shoe, it’s a PEEP-TOE boot pretending to be a shoe. And not just just any old shoe, either: this peep-toe boot is pretending to be a high-leg gladiator sandal. All that really remains is for River Island to stick a pair of harem pants to it and it would be in the running for the Largest Number of Fashion Crimes in One Item Award.

Actually, we don’t think these boots are quite as bad as the phrase “peep-toe-boots pretending to be gladiator sandals” might initially suggest, so if you’ve been desperate for a way to continue wearing gladiator sandals well into the winter (or to at least LOOK like you’re wearing them), you can pick up a pair of these for £175 at River Island.

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  • December 10, 2009


    oh nooooooo
    i think i might like those…which is odd because i don’t normally like peep toes or gladiators

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