Budget Buy of the Week: Peacock Fedora from Alloy

Peackock_fedora We’re having a bit of a “hat” moment. If you’re a regular reader, you may well have noticed this.

Our main hat obsession is with the cloche, but there’s still room in our hearts for the humble fedora, which has the power to give every outfit a dash of glamour, especially with the addition of a peacock feather (or any kind of feather, come to think of it). Yes, we know they’re supposed to be unlucky, but The Fashion Police aren’t superstitious, and finding a cute hat for $19.50 seems like pretty good luck to us.

If you think so too, you can buy this one at Alloy.


  • September 11, 2008


    The thing about fedoras is that I never know the appropriate outfit wear them with. I just imagine Cameron Diaz and Ashley Simpson wearing them with red carpet gowns and formal shorts, neither of which makes sense to me. I prefer the cloche, as I at least know how to wear it.

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  • September 15, 2008


    Now that’s cute! I’m a bit of a beret girl usually (or was until she of The Apprentice fame ruined it for me) but I have been known to rock the fedora too. I think the important thing is not to overdo it – use it to top an outfit of jeans, polo neck, boots and a blazer or pea coat and it’s fine. Combine it with the full, suited androgyny look, or with something designed to be overtly sexy and it’s harder to pull off.

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