Peaches Geldof sells the clothes off her back on eBay


Ever wanted to steal Peaches Geldof’s style? Well, we wouldn’t recommend literally stealing it, but you can just go ahead and buy it straight from the woman herself, via eBay. Yes, the pictures above show Peaches modelling two of the items she and two of her friends are currently selling on eBay. The girls are auctioning off a mixture of high street and vintage pieces, and say "a percentage" of the proceeds will go to an un-specified charity. What they’ll be doing with the rest of the proceeds, they don’t say…

The clothes are in sizes 8 – 12, and current bidding on most of them is around the £30 mark, so if those sizes will fit you, and you’re a fan of Peaches style, you may want to take a look at the full list, which you’ll find here, on eBay.

[via Catwalk Queen]

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