I have a few pairs that don’t make my legs …

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I have a few pairs that don’t make my legs look enormous–like vertical strips and small barely there patterns but in general–no, they are hideous but then I am not too keen on patterns in general. I am a fan of “keep it simple” but then on someone as small as myself most patterns are overkill.

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MakeMe’s drop crotch leggings will make you a fashion criminal
This just made me giggle, then giggle some more. They look like an 80’s clown costume. And being extremely long bodied with short legs this is what my nightmares look like– instead of going to school naked I am wearing a crop top with a neon catsuit–no thank you.

Fashion Gripes: Having to handwash jeans. And everything else.
Snort! No. 🙂 I have had this issue with clothes before and refuse to wear something I can’t through in the washer (all right–I am a mom of three and work from home–as much as I love fashion I cannot justify coddling a pair of jeans or any other article of clothing for that matter.) That said you may want to check out this site http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/settingdye.shtml which has explanations about clothes that bleed and what to do about it. It isn’t that encouraging but it may help. I know I have found that several of the clothes I got that did bleed (while retaining most of their color) just needed few washes to get the excess out while others obviously hadn’t been treated after dying (usually cheap clothes) and continued to bleed into other colors in the same article of clothing–those ones get returned.

Ciara shows flagrant disregard for the “cleavage OR legs” rule of fashion
I like the “never both” rule–it just makes sense. Usually the goal in having a short skirt or cleavage is to draw the eye–and if you draw the eye in too many directions the effect is overwhelming instead of appealing. Its like the rule of thirds in photography and painting composition. By sticking to the rule you create something more appealing and by breaking it you overwhelm your audience.
Or think of it this way–if everyone were to break that rule we would have a ton of train wrecks.

Acid wash jeans: they’re back!
OH NO!!!! ACK!
YEs, Acid washed jeans are AWFUL!

Start Style on Trial: Nicole Kidman in see-through Prada
Just because it is Prada and Nicole Kidman doesn’t make it right–the bottom looks like it is see through with a white slip–and whether she has the body for it or not that thing is very similar to some of the crazy fashions my kids have put together for their Barbies after cutting up pieces of material and taping them together.

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