Style on Trial: patterned tights


Patterned tights were everywhere on the Autumn/Winter catwalks, but this is actually not a winter trend, as they’re starting to pop up in the stores now. So, what do we think of them?

Well, we think it’s all down to the pattern. While some of them can look reasonably good, tights like the cherry print pair in the picture above, for instance, will make you look like you have some kind of terrifying skin disease from a distance, and other patterns can look suspiciously like an all-over leg tattoo. Fine if you’re into that kind of thing, maybe not so fine if you don’t want to look like you got really, really drunk the night you ended up in the tattoo parlour.

We think we’ve pretty much talked ourselves out of following this trend, then, perhaps because we’ve yet to meet a pair of patterned tights we could love unreservedly, but what about you? Fancy some animal print on the old pins?

Tights L-R: Mustard Blossom tights, Modcloth ; Blue Butterfly tights, Celeste Stein; Cherry print tights, Celeste Stein;Jonathan Aston animal print tights, Tightsplease

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