Paris Hilton promises to stop committing crimes of fashion


As part of her whole "getting out of jail/turning over a new leaf/not doing drugs" things, Paris Hilton has apparently also  decided that it’s high time she stopped committing those crimes of fashion she’s  been known  for in the past. And good on her, I say – about time too. Paris obviously hasn’t put her new resolution into action quite yet – see her with her boobs out above, for instance – but she’s working on it. She’s even hired a stylist and everything, and says that she’ll be aiming for a "more ladylike" look in the future. Hey, maybe she’ll do a Britney and start copying Katie Holmes? (Not that we’ve seen any evidence of that, mind you, so on second thoughts, maybe not.)

Meanwhile, Paris was spotted over the weekend  smoking marijuana  (allegedly) and buying clip on hair extensions. Let’s not be all holding our breaths for the "ladylike" look, ‘kay?

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