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Star Style On Trial: Paris Hilton – hottie or nottie?


Paris Hilton must surely have known what she was letting herself in for when she agreed to appear in a film called "The Hottie and the Nottie", no? (Why is Paris Hilton appearing in a film? What, she’s an actress now? Is it very wrong of us to want to see this film, just to find out how she gets on?) Our question, then, is the obvious one: is Paris a "hottie" or is she a "nottie" in this outfit?

We’re going to say "nottie" on this one. It’s a nice dress, but it’s just too, too pink – and seriously, didn’t  Crystal Barbie have that exact necklace? As a general rule, any outfit that makes us want to use the words "Barbie" or "blingtastic!" has to be a "nottie" in our book. What about yours?

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