Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012 – Chanel

Does anyone else feel a bit like a Dementor just walked into the room?

We do. And not just because that’s Uncle Karl Lagerfeld up there, and honestly, he scares us, but because this whole Chanel collection is just a bit… dark, really. Literally, we mean: it’s a sea of black clothes, with hardly a “pop” of colour to be found. And, you know, we sometimes hate the whole “pop of colour” thing. We’re mostly OK with all black, all the time. But looking at this gallery made us dread winter even more than we usually do – and we usually dread winter a lot. 

What’s the verdict, Fashion Jurors? Are you OK with the complete lack of colour here, or does this make you think the colourblocking trend maybe wasn’t so bad after all?


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