Style on Trial: short parchute dress by All Saints

Parachute_dressOne of our many fashion prejudices involves any item of clothing that could have the word “parachute” used to describe it. We’re sure parachutes can be tons o’fun and all (if, of course, you’re not a bunch of sissy cowards, like us), but as clothing, we’re just not impressed. And we’re not trying to suggest here that everything you wear should be figure-hugging and designed to “show off your curves”, at the tabloids would say – just that dresses generally shouldn’t be able to double as tents, should you take them on a camping trip. Or, indeed, as parachutes.

From this, you will have gathered that we’re not going to be buying All Saint’s short parachute dress.Or, indeed, the long version, for that matter. But what about you, readers? Does the, admittedly unusual, design of this dress make you want to spend £225 on it? If so, it’s available for pre-order now, via the All Saints website, as is the long version, which is an extra £100.

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