Wanted! Lipsy panelled corset from ASOS


Also spotted on our patrol around ASOS this morning was this panelled corset by Lipsy, which we became instantly enamored with. Dusky rose in colour, and with a couple of roses on the bust, this is just so pretty, and would be the ideal piece if you’re going to something you need to dress up for, but don’t want to wear an actual dress. It looks great with the black jeans the model is wearing, but would also look good with a plain skirt, and you can always throw a cardigan or jacket over the top to make it a little more modest. £45 at ASOS.


  • June 4, 2008

    pin-up kimbrrrly

    I don’t see whats so “glamorous about it.” Sure it’s cute, but a bit ordinary.

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  • July 25, 2009


    i’m so lucky! my mom could make this! my mom’s a seamstress, and made this adorable dolce and gabanna knock-off. it looked better than the original.

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