Oversized Sweater Fashion Inspo

Sure, cold weather may be on the way out soon, but it’s not quite time to put away those cozy sweaters. In fact, we’d like to highlight our love of sweaters right now – and a certain type of sweater in particular…

The Oversized Sweater

Ah, yes. The oversized sweater. It can be dressed up. It can be dressed down. It’s basically the most comfortable thing in the world and to put it bluntly – it is a look.

While the oversized sweater is one of our favorite trends, not everyone knows exactly how to execute the look. Lucky for you all, it’s real easy. Check out a few ways to rock the oversized sweater look below!

How To Wear the Oversized Sweater Look

best ways to wear sweatersBy far the best way to wear the oversized sweater is by pairing it with skintight pants. As you can see here, the oversized turtleneck paired with the tight leather pants looks phenomenal!










sweater trendsAnother great way to wear an oversized sweater is to pair a billowy sweater with slightly baggy pants. You don’t want to wear pants that are too baggy, or else you’ll look larger than you are.








extra large sweaterNot every oversized sweater is a pullover. An oversized cardigan is a great way to sport the look. We love the one seen here paired with dress pants.








oversized sweater looksThe final way we’d recommend wearing an oversized sweater is the way one of our favorite actresses, Jennifer Lawrence. Combining an oversized sweater with a sleek skirt is an effortless look that makes you seem like you actually did put in some effort.

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