Coat Corner: Belted ruffle coat from Topshop

Sometimes a simple black coat can seem like the boring option, but Topshop have done their best to make this one stand out, adding a wide grosgrain belt which ties in a bow at the front, and a gently draped hemline. Add to that the wide collar and the fact that this will hit just below the knee, rather than on or above it, and you have yourself a really stylish piece of outerwear which looks instantly dressy. Wear with heels or high leather boots to compliment the elegant shape, and enjoy the sensation of the full skirt swishing around you as you walk! Like it? It’s £110 at Topshop.

Coat Corner: Military style fit and flare trenchcoat from ASOS

There are so many gorgeous trenchcoats around at the moment that it makes us sad to know that we never get the right kind of weather in which to wear them here at Fashion Police HQ. For those of you who live in a slightly warmer, drier climate, though, the trench is a great choice: they will smarten up almost anything you choose to wear them with and have the kind of timeless, classic style that lets you keep them forever. Or for as long as they last, anyway. This one from ASOS combines a hint of military styling with a big, swishy skirt which will flatter your waist. It’s available in both navy blue and khaki, and is £65…

Coat Corner: Blue bow neck coat from Dorothy Perkins

Another instant sell-out online, and at the time of writing, this coat was almost sold out in black too, so we make no apologies for featuring another coat with a bow at the neck and instead just say, "If you like this style, run, don’t walk, to your nearest branch of Dorothy Perkins, before they’re all gone!" This is £75 and, as indicated above, is also available in black (but probably only in-store by the time you read this). We, of course, love it, and had we been able to choose between the two colours before it sold out, would possibly even have bought one: as it is, we’re just going to hope that they get more stock in soon….

Coat Corner: Monsoon Fusion ‘Fern’ frill hem coat

It’ll be a little too frilly and, er, bow-y for some of you, but the pussy-bow is very much in fashion at the moment, and if you’re looking for something ultra-feminine, but still warm and practical, Monsoon’s ‘Fern’ coat could be it. This is from the brand’s lower priced Fusion range, and is £95. Although the frills and bow give it a dressed-up look, we think the black colour tones it down slightly and will allow you to wear it just about anywhere. If you agree you can find it here.

Coat Corner: Patent trim belted wool coat from Bebe

The style of a classic trench coat, plus the warmth of wool – that’s what drew us to this Bebe coat, because let’s face it: trench coats are very smart, very stylish, and very fashionable right now, but the problem with them is that they’re not very warm. Sure, they’ll be your BFFs during Autumn and Spring, but when the winter chill really hits, you’re going to be looking for something warmer to wrap up in. This coat is the perfect compromise. At first glance, it looks just like a trench, but it should be warmer than one, and the patent detailing on the belt adds a touch of glamour. We love this beige colour (or “champagne”, as Bebe call…

Coat Corner: Black cape style jacket from Debenhams

Capes were one of last winter’s big outerwear trends, but the look is still hanging on in there this year, albeit in a slightly revised form.  This jacket isn’t as voluminous as some of the capes we showed you last year, which may make it a little more versatile. The dramatic shape is retained on the top half of the jacket, though, while the bottom half is more like a traditional pea coat, complete with waist tie and pockets. There’s something very "Sherlock Holmes" about this one, so just add a Deer Stalker and magnifying glass to complete the look. Or, rather, don’t. It’s £80 from Debenhams.

Coat Corner: Three button single breasted coat from River Island

Bright colours and unusual designs are all very well, but sometimes simple is best, and that’s when your trusty old black winter coat comes into play. That doesn’t mean the coat has to be boring, though. We love the collar on this one from River Island (yes, the collar does it again – are you spotting a theme here), while the rest of the coat looks satisfyingly thick and cosy. This is a smart but serviceable coat that will probably see you through a good few years before you have to think about replacing it – it’s £69.99 from River Island.

Coat Corner: Navy equestrian coat from Principles

Principles isn’t generally the first store we police when we’re looking for outerwear for the Coat Corner, but we decided to take a look today, and we’re glad we did, because that quick search turned up this navy equestrian coat, which is currently available for £120. We particularly like the wide skirt and nipped-in waist on this, which will help create a dramatic silhouette, and allow you to swish around like a lady in an old fashioned costume drama. The gold buttons are also cute, without being too garish, and the navy colour will make a nice change from black. Even although it looks exactly like black on our monitors. Oh well… Get it here.

Coat Corner: ASOS extreme funnel neck jacket

This isn’t a great picture of this jacket, so if you’re not convinced by its loveliness, you should visit the ASOS site and click the “view catwalk” button to see it in its true glory. Of course, you may still not be convinced by it even once you’ve done that, but as far as we’re concerned, this is the affordable version of the big collar trend we’ve been waiting for, and the fact that it’s in our favourite colour, green, just makes it all the more appealing to us. If you’re not keen on green, it’s also available in black and white, and is £60 from ASOS.

Louise Goldin’s naga fox trim jacket. There are no words…

Winner of the Ugliest Piece of Outerwear Ever contest? Or the Most Unnecessary Use of Real Fur? Or just the Most Outrageously Priced Ugly Item, at £2,190? We think Louise Goldin’s fox trim jacket could easily stand accused of all of these crimes, but commenting on them all individually be a little like shooting fish in a barrel, so instead, all we’re going to say is: THE HELL? Who buys this kind of thing? Is it you? Explain it to us, we’re begging you…

Coat Corner: Oli Fusion By Maria Grachvogel Trench coat

It won’t get you through the worst of winter without some serious layering underneath, but for these early Autumn days (and for those of you who live in a warmer climate), a classic trench coat is one of things you’ll wear with everything and keep forever – not to mention the fact that this style has been crazily popular for most of this year already. Our current favourite trench is Topshop’s full skirted version, but as it’s sold out in all but a couple of sizes, this one from Oli is coming a close second. The colour and shape are classic, but the puffed, cuffed sleeves bring it up to date, and the fabric has a soft sheen to it…

Coat Corner: Guess by Marciano peacoat in bright pink

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this peacoat by Guess, but the bright pink colour cheered us up on this dreary almost-Autumn morning, so we thought it deserved a small space in the Coat Corner. At $168, this is cheaper than many of the coats we’ve featured here, but the style is a classic, and if you like the colour, this could be suitable for work, play and everything in between. If you don’t like the colour, meanwhile, it’s also available in black, which is a whole lot more versatile, although not nearly as eye-catching. Get it at Nordstrom.

Coat Corner: William Rast Military Peacoat

 Peacoats are cold weather classics, but this one is extra special, and, once again, it’s all because of the collar. The colour probably wouldn’t be doing it for us if it weren’t for that stylishly oversized, stand-up collar, which adds that all-important hint of drama to what would otherwise be a fairly utilitarian looking piece of outerwear. This will give a bit of flair to more casual outfits, although the cotton material will mean that it probably won’t see you much past Autumn. What we don’t like about this one is the price – it’s $407 at Nordstrom.

Coat Corner: wool military style coat from Victoria’s Secret

As we policed the Victoria’s Secret website last week to find a Budget Buy for you, we stumbled across this wool coat, which instantly caught our attention. We love the gold, military style buttons on this, and the stand-up collar will help keep out the chill, while still looking stylish. Winter white is always a good colour for the colder seasons (Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?), but if you don’t think so, this is also available in black, and in a lovely lipstick red, which would look equally good with those buttons. Priced at $168, it’s available from Victoria’s Secret.

Coat Corner: ASOS frill funnel neck coat, in the style of Fearne Cotton, no less!

Sometimes when ASOS describe their clothes as being “in the style” of X celebrity, they mean “If you kind of half-close your eyes, and use your imagination”. This time, though, they’ve got it spot on, and the coat on the left of the picture does indeed look very much like the coat on the right, which is being worn by UK TV presenter, Fearne Cotton. While many people tend to go for dark colours when choosing their winter outerwear (a move that does make sense, given the amount of rain and mud the season brings) we think a pale beige like this one can be a nice alternative, although we prefer it worn over contrasting dark colours, rather than with…

Coat Corner: Nanette Lepore ‘Mysterious’ coat

The big “mystery” here is why Nanette Lepore decided to name this coat “Mysterious”. We can’t see anything particularly mysterious about it, but if you can, feel free to enlighten us… Name aside, we really like the style of this coat, which doesn’t appear to have sacrificed anything in the way of warmth – well, the model looks cosy, anyway – in its quest to be stylish. And stylish it is, with that little gathered bow detail on the corner adding a bit of interest to the otherwise simple design. Unfortunately, it’s expensive, too: if you like this, you can buy it for $610 from Shopbop.

Coat Corner: Frilly wool belted coat from Topshop

Time to take a look at some high street outerwear to balance out the designer numbers we showed you earlier this week. Yesterday’s Dress of the Day left us with a taste for purple, which made this wool coat from Topshop the natural choice today. The little frill on the front is clearly the stand-out detail here: without it we’d be left with a nice, but unremarkable winter coat. With it the coat becomes just different enough to warrant a second look, but not so fancy it becomes too dressy for everyday use. Simple but chic, in other words. It’s £75 from Topshop and is 50% wool, 50% polyester.

Coat Corner: Stella McCartney wool tulip coat

Yup, it’s another expensive offering that would perhaps be better placed as the Fantasy Buy of the Week rather than in the Coat Corner, but if we were in a position to pay £1,195 for a winter coat, we think Stella McCartney’s wool tulip coat would be somewhere near the top of our wish lists. This is partly because The Fashion Police have a serious weakness for oversized collars, which have the power to make even an ordinary coat look chic. We think this is a particularly nice example of that, with a classic wool coat given added appeal with that lovely three-point collar. As we said, it’s out of our price range, so we’ll have to just hope the…

Coat Corner: Vivienne Westwood Red Label optical double-breasted jacket

It’s September, and in The Fashion Police’s book that means only one thing: it’s time to start shopping for coats – or at least looking at them, and wishing we could afford them, anyway. We’re kicking off our Coat Corner column with a little something from the very top of the price scale, and something which, er, isn’t actually a coat at all, but a jacket. It’s from Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label, and this cute little double-breasted creation has everything we’ve come to expect from Ms Westwood: fabulous tailoring, a dramatic shape, with that oversized collar, and, of course, a high price tag. If £550 doesn’t sound like too much for a jacket, you can find this one at Net-a-Porter….

Style on Trial: Pink sheepskin outerwear from Topshop

We’ve already talked about the faux fur which has already started to appear in stores ahead of the winter season, but it’s starting to look like sheepskin is going to be another big look in outerwear. Topshop aren’t the only label stocking Mongolian-style gilets and jackets at the moment, but so far they are the only one to be stocking pink sheepskin (as far as we know), and we’re wondering what you all think of this? The gilet shown above is currently available at Topshop.com for £85, while the jacket is £150, and for some reason when we look at them, we think of Paris Hilton, Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous, and Playboy bunnies. We think it’s the sheer pinkness of…