Fashion Police at The 2008 Oscars: Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway


We’re only three dresses in, but does anyone else have ‘Lady in Red’ stuck in their head already? Red seemsto have been the colour of choice at this year’s Oscars, which is a little bit of a shame given the clashy shade of the red carpet. Katherine Heigl ,in Escada, and Anne Hathaway, in Marchesa, both went for red, one-shouldered gowns, but we reckon Katherine was the style winner in this particular Red Carpet Battle. Her dress is super-flattering to her figure, while Anne’s just kind of hangs there limply, with the rose embellishment making her look a little like a Miss World contestant.

Your thoughts?


  • February 25, 2008


    Yeah, I loved Katherine’s dress. Its nuts how thin it makes her look.

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  • February 25, 2008


    How Marilyn Monroe does Kathrine Heigl look her? She’s got the hair perfect and red is such a sultry, flattering colour on her.

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  • February 26, 2008


    How come know one commented on Daniel Day Lewis’s wife Rebecca Miller dress? Where does one start…it is simple hideous from head to the ugliest shoes to hit the red carpet toes! Red bows on shoulders, that HUGE black flower broachy thing in the middle of the dress…GAWD-awful and yet no comments on it at all. Weird.

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