She needs to eat a freakin’ sandwich…..or 12! …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2008 Oscars: Renee Zellweger by L.

She needs to eat a freakin’ sandwich…..or 12!

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Style on Trial: Alexander McQueen knit military dress
this would go really well with the creepy skeleton line of luggage he did for Samsonite Black Label

Wanted! Wheels & Doll Baby Satin Scallop Top
I agree with Eva…
I’m a D-cup, and this shirt spells DISASTER!
It’s cute tho, for someone with no breasts….

Wanted! Prada’s satin d’orsay peep toes with rose

Diablo Cody v. Stuart Weitzman shoe-gate scandal: who wins?
I LOVE Diablo, but I find it hard to believe that she didn’t know anything about the shoes…And anyway, the whole red carpet is about publicity for designers…who is she kidding?

House of Holland creates a tartan army. Fashion Police concerned.
I don’t like the styles here, but I LOVE Tartan….

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