Wear or Die: One extreme or the other?


For today’s game of Wear or Die we thought we’d show you some extremes of style, and find out which side you’d come down on, assuming that you absolutely had to choose one or die. On the left of the picture above, then, you’ll see Peggy Noland’s ‘Missbehave’ leggings (yes, the text says “Missbehave”, in case you were wondering), while on the right is a Victorian nightgown, whoops, we mean dress, by Comme des Garcons.

Which will you choose to wear, though? Will you “missbehave” in the leggings (and before you ask, no, you may not wear something over the top of them to cover them up – the leggings must be on show at all times!) or will you behave a little too well in the nightgown dress? Tell us in the comments!

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