A plain black dress, huge sunglasses, yellow bracelet, and black …

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a plain black dress, huge sunglasses, yellow bracelet, and black see-thtough tights.. and I’m melting over those shoes.

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Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Sequined Skirt?

Dress of the Day: Cream/black dress from Dorothy Perkins
I don’t like it, but it’s not like i hate it.
It’s just boring for me I mean is black and white, striped, long sleeved and with that high neckline.

What to Wear With Shoulderpads, Part 1
🙁 this is sad.
my outfit is not here
i thought it was good

Style Challenge: What to wear with shoulder pads?
hope you like it 🙂

Best Dressed at the Confessions of a Shopaholic premiere: Isla Fisher, Claire Danes, Krysten Ritter or Leslie Bibb?
Krystin Ritter is definitely my favourite, love the dress, the red lips, and the dark black hair.
Leslie looks oold!
I’d like to see Isla in a bolder color, brighter she just doesn’t call my attention
Claire Danes, well, I like the color not the dress, and her make up is ok,… the shoes don’t match the dress, It’s a weird mix I mean the dress is kind of ethnic (¿?) and shoes are too modern and daagh they just don’t match!

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