Ok..so they’re a bit loud,but they leave an impression. Perhaps …

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ok..so they’re a bit loud,but they leave an impression. Perhaps it’s that bright watermelon that pops thru accenting the green. In that,I could see a nice green 2 piece suit(skirt and jacket) and perhaps matching earrings or a piece of jewelery with the same design as the shoes. In that case I would definitely love them. However,they arent front row shoes. With the wrong outfit they could gather some whispers for sure.

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Fraud Squad: Paul Smith and ASOS Do Shirt Dresses
Ok..uh..didnt the shirt dress die out in the 80’s???I AM a nurse and I can tell ya,if I walked into work with this on,Id be called on the carpet so fast my ID badge would fall off!It’s not that the look is that bad with the one on the left,but on the right it definitely needs a few more inches of material. Good gawd,if she dropped her car keys,not one man around would get them for her,not with a pending bend-over in that dress! Overall impression…”has potential”

Now Channelling… Audrey Hepburn
Okay…now THIS group of attire has my thumbs up!..er..well.that is,except for the shoes. I really have tried to appreciate the novelty of these slingbacks…even on other women. I dont care if you’re Naomi watts or Naomi campbell,these shoes make our feet look 5 feet long. I felt like I had scuba flippers on with a pointy shovelhead at the toes. Other than those the pants are okay,but the tops I just adore. There is always something to be said for classic dress. That lil’ black top could boost any girls’ ego(ok,within reason that is)My over all opinion,less the shoes…thumbs up^!

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