I think the color and the bodice was a good …

Comment on On Trial: Tyra Banks at the Daytime Emmy Awards by Alicia.

I think the color and the bodice was a good idea, but it’s the bottom half that just went wrong. And boy did it go *really* wrong.

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Knitted Ugg boots return for Winter 2009
I actually quite like them. I think the grey pair are nice.

Spotted! Victoria Beckham in thigh high boots at Fashion’s Night Out
I agree. The outfit wouldn’t bother me so badly if her makeup wasn’t so much. I think if she’d done a simpler face, she could have gotten away with the outfit.

What Celebrities Wear to the Airport: Lindsay Lohan in a low-cut jumpsuit
Well…at least she’s wearing pants instead of leggings. Even if they are attached to the rest of the outfit.

The Balmain look for less with ASOS’s metallic shoulder pad top
I absolutely love this look. I like it much better than the Balmain dress that Kate Moss wore.

Stacy Haiduk carries a “cat purse” to the Daytime Emmy Awards
Yeah, that’s obviously not a cat purse; she’s just carrying around a fake cat. Not sure if it makes it any better, though.

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