On Trial: Over the Knee Socks

OverthekneesocksI’ve been seeing over-the-knee socks being sold everywhere lately, but I haven’t actually seen them on many pairs of legs, which makes me think that although the trend is making a comeback, not a lot of people actually dare to wear it.

What do you think of over-the-knee socks? For myself, I like the look of them – on teenagers, who I think are really the only people who can can get away with these. To do them justice, they really need to be worn with a skirt short enough to allow the tops of the socks to be seen, and that would make that skirt a little too short for the likes of an old hag like me.

Do you wear them? Will you be buying any?
(If you will, the ones pictured are by Jonathan Aston, and are £14.97)

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