On Trial: Leggings – love them or hate them?


OK. The debate on leggings has been raging for a couple of years now, with some people loving them and some people hating them, so I’m putting them up On Trial so that we can get a definitive answer. What do you think of leggings? Do you wear them? Would you wear them? Or do you think they should be consigned to fashion hell, forever.

For myself, I’m on the fence on this one. I hated leggings unreservedly when they first started to make their comeback a couple of years ago. Last winter, though, I tentatively tried on a pair with a sweater dress and boots. To my surprise, I loved them. They were much more comfortable (not to mention warmer) than tights, but as long as I always wore them with boots, no one could tell the difference. And there’s the rub. I will only wear my leggings with boots, when they look just like tights. While I think they can look good – on some people – with shoes, I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. So tell me: can you? Tell me what you think of leggings by voting in the poll you’ll find after the jump…

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